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Can You Play PS5 Without Internet?

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The Internet has become almost synonymous with gaming. Not only is the internet a basic requirement for online multiplayer, but it is often needed to access many features in-game even in some of the single-player adventures.

Plus, you need to have the internet in order to install or update your games in the first place. So this begs the question, “Can you play PS5 without internet?”, do you ALWAYS have to be connected to the internet to enjoy PS5?

Well, the short and simple answer is no. You DO NOT need to have an internet connection at all times in order to play PS5.

Therefore, if you do not have the luxury of a steading internet connection or if you do not care much for online play, then you can rejoice in this fact.

In the following text, I will shed some more light on this topic and also touch base on situations that will definitely demand an internet connection.

Internet is a Crucial Requirement (But NOT a Must)

The PlayStation 5, like many modern gaming consoles as well as gaming PCs, is designed with internet connectivity in mind.

From downloading games to installing their updates, all require an internet connection. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy an occasional online play?

Instances that REQUIRE an Internet Connection on PS5

The following are some of the instances that require a mandatory connection to the internet:

  • Downloading Games
  • Updating Games
  • Updating PS5 Firmware
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • Accessing your PS Now Subscription

As far as gaming is concerned there are three types of games, the first two require an internet connection as a must:

  1. Online and Esports games such as Rocket League, Elder Scrolls Online, Warzone
  2. Games with Single Player campaigns but requiring an internet connection as a must
  3. Games with Single Player campaigns that DO NOT require an internet connection like the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Elden Ring.

Some Single Player Games Also Require an Internet Connection at All or Sometimes

hogwarts legacy
Requires an internet connection for downloading the Day 1 patch

You may assume that single-player campaigns would not require an internet connection. However, while logically this is true, there are some games that require you to have an internet connection AT ALL times even to access their single-player campaigns or story modes.

Always look at the requirements of the games before you purchase them. If it says that the game requires an internet connection at all times, then you won’t be able to play it offline even for single-player story mode.

Hogwarts Legacy, for instance, is a popular game that will lock you out of the game if it is NOT updated first.

The Caveat with PS5 Digital Edition

Can You Play PS5 Without Internet
PS5 Standard (Left) vs PS5 Digital (Right). Photo Source: Sony

If you have a PS5 Digital Edition (or the edition without a disc drive) then you will ABSOLUTELY need to have an internet connection in order to DOWNLOAD the game.

Once downloaded and stored on your PS5, you should be able to access the games offline even on the Digital Edition. 

Initial set-up, firmware updates, game patches, DLCs, and many features require an internet connection. However, this doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you’re not connected.

When you first unbox and set up your PS5, there are prompts to connect to the internet, but they’re not mandatory. You can skip them and continue with the offline setup. Yes, you may miss out on the day-one patch or firmware updates, but this won’t stop your PS5 from working.

So Can You Play PS5 Without Internet?

Yes, you absolutely can. The vast majority of the games with story mode or offline campaigns support gaming without the internet.

However, in order to enable the offline mode you’ll have to:

  1. Go to Settings from the Dashboard
  2. Head over to Users and Accounts
  3. Go to Console Sharing and Offline Play
  4. Select the “Enable” option

Console Sharing and Offline Play

If you don’t see the “Enable” option and see the “Disable” or “Don’t Disable” options instead, it means that offline play is ALREADY enabled on your PS5.

There is a caveat when you enable this setting and it states it clearly”

” Allow anyone who uses this PS5 to play your games and media, even when the console is offline”. Just make sure you are ok with this.

With the Offline mode enabled, and with no internet connection, you will be disabled from the PSN network and the only games that will work will be the ones that support offline story modes.

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In conclusion, while the PS5 is designed to primarily connect to the internet to access most of its features, you can certainly play the majority of the story-based games offline given that you have the right game and have enabled the right settings.

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