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Can You Play GTA 4 on PS5?

For gaming enthusiasts who often like to visit the chaotic streets of Liberty Street may wonder whether can you play GTA 4 on PS5.

Well, for those who often love going down the nostalgic lane, that is unfortunately not possible. This is because GTA 4 was released for PS3. And unfortunately, PS5 simply does not support games released on this console UNLESS they are available on the PS Now service.

GTA 4 is a game that is not available on the PS Now service either spider solitaire game.

So those who wanted to take on the police of Liberty City with a six-star wanted level will have to unfortunately fire up that old PS3 console.

I explore and answer this question in detail below:

Niko Bellic: Can He Survive in the New Generation?

In the midst of all the extravaganza and teraflops offered by the new PS5 console, many old-school gamers were left with the lingering question of backward compatibility.

It came as a delight to many when Sony announced that the PS5 would support all PS4 games. So if you have a PS4 copy of a game, all you’d have to do is insert the disc and fire up the game on PS5.


However, those upgrading from the PS3 or those who wish to play games released with the PS3 such as the GTA 4 were left disappointed because PS5 does NOT support any games beyond PS4.

So Can You Play GTA 4 on PS5?

Again, as mentioned earlier, PS5 DOES NOT support ANY PS3 or older games.

Ideally speaking, you’d expect each gaming console to be a time machine, capable of whisking players back through every game in its lineage.

However, we live in a world where even console generations have their gaps.

Since GTA 4 is a PS3 game, it is also not supported by PS5 unfortunately. Meaning you cannot insert the disc in the console and expect it to work.

Older Gamers are Supported ONLY Through PS Now

PLaystation NOw
Source: PlayStation

PS Now is a service where you can find a repository of old and new games that you can download and play.

You can find an extensive selection of even older games from PS3 and PS2 generations in digital form. These games have been essentially repurposed to be played on PS5.

HOWEVER, whether a certain game from the older generation of consoles is available on PS Now or note depends upon whether a developer has made the support available with subsequent updates.

Unfortunately, for GTA 4, Rockstar has NOT made the leap yet. As such, you will NOT find GTA 4 listed in the repository of PS Now games either.

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Rumors of GTA 4: Complete Edition for PS5

There were rumors surrounding the release of GTA 4: complete edition back in 2020 when PS5 was released.

Back in 2020, there was a supposed “leak” that suggested Rockstar may remaster the game for a PS5 release.

However, this never became a reality and the rumors more or less died down in the subsequent years.

Plus, with the release of GTA 6 around the corner, and the manpower required to develop it, we can be certain that Rockstar will not dilute its resources and manpower to work on a GTA 4 remaster anytime soon.

So again, for the nostalgic gamers wanting to take a walk down the streets of Liberty City, you have no choice but to fire up your old PS3 or PS4 console.

And if by any chance you do not possess your old console anymore, you will perhaps have to wait and put your bet on a remaster for GTA 4.

Xbox Series X/S Offers Support for GTA 4

It is quite astonishing to see that the arch-rival of PS5, the Xbox Series X/S do offer support for GTA 4 despite the game being about 15 years old while the PS5 does not.

On the Xbox Series X/S, you can digitally download and enjoy GTA 4.

GTA 4 on Xbox Series X/S does also take advantage of the newer and more powerful hardware by ensuring that the frame rate is steady at 60 FPS and loading times are cut by 60%.

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