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Can You Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital?

can you play ps4 disc games on ps5 digital featured

The PlayStation 5 did something new with its release. It simultaneously was made available in two different models:

  • Standard Edition that DOES offer a disc drive
  • Digital Edition, that does NOT offer a disc drive

The ideology behind the Digital Edition is understandable. We can see that the next-gen gaming consoles are promoting a disc-free ecosystem and are rather encouraging their players to switch to digital mode of payment and gaming entirely.

However, the Digital Edition gives rise to many questions including whether can you play PS4 disc games on PS5 digital edition.

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. You cannot play PS4 disc games on PS5 digital.

PS5’s backward compatibility with PS4 games is one of the most sought-after features.

But what would happen if you do not have a disc drive at all. In the following text, I will talk about this dilemma thoroughly.

PS5 Digital Edition: A Brief Overview

Can You Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital
PS5 Standard (Left) vs PS5 Digital (Right). Photo Source: Sony

Before addressing the question at hand, let’s first take a quick look at the key differences between the Standard PS5 and the PS5 Digital Edition.

These differences will further help you understand the philosophy behind the PS5’s release in two different versions.

  1. Disc Drive: The Standard PS5 Edition features a 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive, while the PS5 Digital Edition does not.
  2. Price: The PS5 Digital Edition is priced lower than the standard PS5 due to the absence of the disc drive.
  3. Game Library: Both versions of the PS5 offer access to the same game library, with the only difference being the format in which the games are acquired (physical discs vs. digital downloads).

So Can You Play PS4 Disc Games on PS5 Digital?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a no. The PS5 Digital Edition’s lack of a disc drive means that it is not possible to play PS4 disc games directly on the console.

Traditionally, to play a PS4 disc game on a PS5, you have to insert the PS4 disc in PS5 first. The PS5 will detect the game and then ask you to download the upgraded version that the PS5 will support.

Once, done, the PS4 disc will work on PS5.

With the PS5 Digital Edition, this is simply not possible.

Therefore, if you own a collection of PS4 disc games and are considering purchasing a PS5, the Standard Edition would be the better option of the two.

On the other, if you do not have a vast disc collection of PS4 games or if you do not care much for the older gen games, then the Digital Edition can be a viable option.

What About PS4 Digital Games on PS5 Digital?

As far as the question of whether you can play the PS4 games on PS5 that you bought digitally on the PSN is concerned, then the answer is yes.

You can certainly access and play all of your PS4 digital games on PS5. Just make sure you are logged into the same account that has all the PS4 games.

You will, of course, need to download and install all the PS4 games on PS5 though.

Again, this will only work if the PS4 games were bought on PSN. Disc games installed on the PS4 will NOT transfer to the PS5.

You can also transfer your digital PS4 games to PS5 using an external hard drive or through WiFi.

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Final Words

All in all, while PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 games, you need to have a disc drive on PS5 in order to play your PS4 disc-based games on PS5.

The PS5 Digital Edition would be a viable option ONLY if you do not have a vast collection of PS4 games or you do not care much for the PS4 games.

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