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Can You Download Games on PS5 Disc Version?

Can You Download Games on PS5 Disc Version featured

When Sony released two different editions of the PS5 i.e. Standard and Digital it left many of us scratching our heads with so many questions like will they have the same functionality, will one edition have an edge over the other etc.

One such question that had many of us in confusion was “Can you download games on PS5 disc version?” In other words, would it be possible to download and play games on the PS5 standard edition?

Fortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. You can certainly download and install games on the PS5 disc version.

In the following text, I will shed some more light on this topic:

The Two Edition Standard and Digital

PS5 gaming console comes in two versions:

  • Standard Edition – This features a traditional disc drive that can support Blu-Ray discs
  • Digital Edition – This does NOT feature a disc drive at all.
ps5 standard vs digital
PS5 Standard (Left) vs PS5 Digital (Right). Photo Source: Sony

The Digital Edition was kind of a surprise for the traditional console gamers who have with discs since the inception of PS consoles.

The theory behind the Digital Edition is quite understandable though. Like the gaming PCs and the advent of digital downloads and online subscription services like PS NOW, disc drives are increasingly becoming obsolete in the gaming world.

Hence the Digital Edition can be seen as a step forward in that regard for the realm of gaming consoles.

However, when the two editions were released together, some of us were left in confusion whether the standard and digital editions will exclusively support discs and digital downloads respectively.

However, that is certainly not the case:

So Can You Download Games on PS5 Disc Version?

Yes, you absolutely can download and install games on the PS5 Disc or the Standard version.

With regard to functionality and versatility, the disc drive or the standard PS5 version is a much better deal.

The PS5 Disc Version was designed with a blend of traditional and modern gaming habits in mind. It includes a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, which allows gamers to play PS5 Blu-ray disc games and also backward-compatible PS4 games.

One of the biggest plus points for the PS5 disc drive version is that it can support PS4 discs based games as well.

With the Digital Edition, that is simply not possible and if you have PS4 disc-based game lying around, there will be no way for you to play it on your PS5 Digital Edition. 

So in short, the PS5 disc drive version doesn’t limit the console to disc-only games. The Disc Version shares the same internal components, including the custom SSD, as the Digital Edition, allowing it to download, install, and play digital games just as smoothly.

Downloading and Installing Games on PS5 Disc Version

Can You Download Games on PS5 Disc Version
You can download and install games from the PlayStation store on PS Disc Edition

Just as with the Digital Edition,¬†digital games can be downloaded directly from the PlayStation Store, which is accessible from the PS5’s main menu.

The process is straightforward. After purchasing or redeeming a code for a game, it will appear in your library, ready for download.

Once the game is downloaded and installed on the PS5’s internal SSD, you can play it anytime.

For Disc Games, Disc MUST Be Inserted to Play

It should be noted though if you have a disc-based PS5 game installed, then you will HAVE to HAVE the disc inserted in order for you to play it on the PS5 Standard Edition.

In other words, you cannot play PS5 games without the disc once the game is installed.

On the other hand, if you have a digital version of the game bought and installed, then you wouldn’t need to have the disc for the game to play it.

On PS5 Digital Edition, you wouldn’t have to worry about this since all your games will be digitally bought games that can be downloaded and installed without the disc.

Can I Download The Digital Version of a Game If I Have the Disc?

Unfortunately, you cannot. Each game or disc has a single license key of its own.

When you insert a game disc into the PS5 console, it recognizes its key and downloads and installs its games files and updates.

Whenever you want to play the game, you will have to have the disc inserted so that the key can be recognized again.

Is it Better to Get a Game Disc or Download it?

Well, both points have their pros and cons.

A game disc has a resale value. You can always sell it or trade it for a different game. The more disc-based games you have, the higher leverage you have when trading or selling your games.

In this way, the overall cost of playing newer games can seriously be brought down.

With digital downloads, you have ease of use and accessibility. You can play the game anytime and anywhere. You wouldn’t have to worry about your disc getting lost or getting damaged.

In addition to that, digital games can be purchased and downloaded as soon as they are released. You wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of visiting a store or waiting for the game disc to ship to you.

In the end, you will have to weigh both the pros and cons.

Final Words

In short, the answer to the question “can you download games on PS5 disc version?” is a resounding yes, you can download and install games from the PlayStation store on PS5 disc version.

However, if you have a disc-based game inserted in your PS5, the console will first download and install all the relevant files. However, once the game is ready to play, you wouldn’t call it a digital download since you will still need a disc to play it.

A true digital game is when you buy it from the online PlayStation Store (or redeem it) and then download and install it.

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