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Can PS5 Overheat in Rest Mode?

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Rest Mode is a state where your PS5 goes to catch some Zs while still being able to charge your controllers and download your games and their updates.

It is a pretty critical little feature as it allows the PS5 to dial down its power consumption from about 350W peak all the way down to 1.3W in Rest Mode allowing you to save up on your hard-earned spondulicks.

But if you are new to experiencing this, you may have a burning question (pun intended) can PS5 overheat in Rest Mode?

After all, no one wants to wake up from deep slumber by the smell of burning plastic and a console begging for mercy.

The good news, fortunately, is that NO PS5 will NOT overheat in Rest Mode. 1.3W of power consumption is less than the small LED bulb lighting your desk. This is not nearly enough to cause concern.

So you can sleep easy knowing your prized possession isn’t secretly plotting to burst into flames while you’re dreaming about your next epic gaming adventure.

Heating is Related to Power Consumption

Power consumption generates heat. It is as simple as that.

The more power a device such as a gaming console uses, the more it will heat up.

PS5 in its peak state can consume 350W of power. In fact, 350W is the rated wattage of PS5.

As such, the thermal design and cooling design of PS5 are designed to dissipate heat generated by as much as 350W of power flowing through the veins of the console.

Now, 350W peak consumption is when you are at the height of your gaming session running a very demanding game for a very long time.

On the flip side, you have the Rest Mode which consumes only 1.3W of Power. This is so low that in fact if you were to cold start your PS5 from a turned-off state to an ON state, it would consume far more power than it would through the entire night in Rest Mode.

So Can PS5 Overheat in Rest Mode?

If a cooling system for a gaming console is designed to handle the heat produced by 350W of power, it should have NO issue handling 1.3W of heat.

In other words, I will certainly not lose my sleep over it ever.

PS5 Has a Cooling System Designed to Handle 350W of Power

When it comes to hardware design for consoles or PC, the cooling system plays a crucial role.

Think of it as the system’s personal bodyguard, fending off the menacing overheating issue with its advanced cooling techniques.

PS5 employs a variety of cooling mechanisms including a heat sink, cooling fan, and liquid metal thermal compound.

Liquid Metal PS5

PS5 uses liquid metal as compared to the traditional thermal compound to make sure that the heat is quickly and thoroughly transferred to the heatsink for dissipation.

Although you do not need to bother yourself much with the specifics if it would help you sleep a bit better you can look into the details.

What If You are a Knob?

Well, if you want to treat your PS5 like a discarded sandwich paper I am afraid anything can cause it to overheat, let alone the Rest Mode.

But let me try to explain some of the ways you can give your PS5 the respect it deserves so that it does not overheat even in Rest Mode.

Normal Ambient Temperatures

If it feels hot to your skin, it is too hot for your PS5.

In other words, do not place your PS5 next to a fireplace, a candle, in the kitchen, in a hot environment, or in the middle of a desert heat wave. That’s a one-way ticket to Overheat City. Keep your gaming lair cool when you put it in rest mode, or your console may go up in smoke.

Ample Ventilation

This also applies to providing ample ventilation. Do not put your PS5 in a place where its vents can get blocked.

Shoving your PS5 into a cramped space, like a sock drawer or under a pile of laundry, is a terrible idea. You would practically be choking your console. So, give it room to breathe, or it WILL rebel by overheating even in Rest Mode.

Give it a Thorough Cleaning

dirty PS5

What a Knob’s PS5 would look like

If you are the type that lets dust build up like a scene from a horror movie, your PS5’s cooling system is going to suffer. 

This is related to providing ample ventilation.

Do not choke the console or it will retaliate in ways you’d never expect.

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