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Does PS5 Need a Cooling Fan?

With a plethora of third-party accessories and devices out there for PS5, you can be tempted to buy everything out there with the aim to make PS5 your ultimate gaming rig. One such accessory is the cooling fan.

As gaming enthusiasts, you could have very long sessions of gaming and you’d want to know that your console stays cool under pressure. That sometimes may tempt you to invest in additional cooling accessories.

But with the PS5’s powerful built-in cooling system, is a third-party cooling fan really necessary? In this article, I will talk about the ins and outs of the PS5’s temperature management, and answer the burning question: Does PS5 need a cooling fan?

Third-Party Cooling Fans

does PS5 need a cooling fan


It should be noted that there are NO official cooling fans or any such cooling accessories from Sony. The cooling fans for PS5, like the one you see above, are all made by third-party vendors.

They basically plug into one of the USB slots on the back and lock onto the chassis of your PS5.

There is also the cooling stand.

Cooling Stand PS5


Cooling stands are more expensive, but along with coolers that push air from below, they may also provide you with more functionality including a USB hub, and a charging station for your controllers.

So Does PS5 Need a Cooling Fan?

So now that you are familiar with the third-party cooling accessories, let us get back to the question at hand, do you really need a cooling fan for your PS5?

Well, the simple answer to that question is no. Sony didn’t skimp on the PS5’s built-in cooling system.

Liquid Metal PS5
Liquid Metal Thermal Interface

In fact, it uses state-of-the-art cooling technologies including a custom-designed liquid metal (instead of the traditional thermal paste).

PS5 in its peak state can consume 350W of power and its cooling design makes sure it is capable of dissipating heat generated by 350W of power. The rest mode uses only 1.3W.

Therefore, in most cases, the answer to the question, do you need a cooling fan for PS5 is no. The PS5’s built-in cooling system is sufficient for the majority of scenarios. If you have made sure that your PS5 sits in a well-ventilated area, then you should be good to go.

But here are some good housekeeping measures to make sure your PS5 does not ever overheat.

1. Do NOT put your PS5 in a Closed Cabinet

Often gamers make the mistake of putting their PS5 in a closed cabinet. This is disastrous since a closed cabinet does not have any exhaust for hot air.

2. Keep the PS5 Clean

This cannot be stressed enough. Accumulation of dust is the number one enemy of your electronic devices.

Dust is not only a static discharge/short circuit hazard, but it can also block out the fans and vents which in turn can drastically increase the temperatures inside.

3. Make Sure that the Back-Side is not Blocked

While PS5 needs to have a decent amount of open space from all sides (except for the surface) you must pay particular attention to the backside.

Make sure that the back of the PS5 is not blocked by an object or the wall.

4. Avoid Putting it Close to Hot Areas

Do not put your PS5 close to a desktop that generates heat or in a similar area close to a fireplace, or an area heater.

5. Avoid Stacking

Do not treat your PS5 like a side table. This is not a piece of furniture that you can stack your stuff onto.

PS5 generates heat. As such, it can not only damage anything sensitive placed on top but can also get damaged due to overheating.

If you take care of the points above, you should have almost no reason to consider purchasing a third-party cooling fan for PS5.

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Scenarios That May Warrant an Investment in Cooling Fan

There are some cases that can warrant an investment in cooling fans for PS5.

1. You are a Paranoid PS3 and PS4 User

PS3 and PS4 certainly had a cooling issue. Therefore, if you are someone migrating from the older consoles to PS5, you may have a hard time trusting the PS5’s cooling design.

So to stay on the safe side, there is no loss (except for slight monetary) in investing in a PS5 cooling fan.

2. The Back Side is Too Hot to Touch

If the escaping air or the chassis on the back side is way too hot to touch, then that can warrant an investment in a cooling fan. While it is still not a cause for serious concern, there is nothing wrong with erring to the side of caution.

3. There Already Are Reporting Issues of PS5 Overheating

To say that PS5 does NOT overheat at all would be a lie. There are many users who have reported their PS5 shutting down due to overheating.

As such, again, err to the side of caution.

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