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Does Xbox Series X Support 4K?

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If there is one thing that the next-gen powerhouse gaming consoles, including the Xbox Series X, promises is 4K gaming.

With the previous generation of consoles, we got a taste of what 4K could look like with the Xbox One X, but of course, the majority of the 4K games on the older consoles were UPSCALED games. Meaning games were first rendered at 1080P resolution and then upscaled to 4K.

However, the current generation of consoles promises 4K NATIVE resolution. So as far as the question, “does Xbox Series X support 4K?” goes, the answer is certainly a yes.

However, supporting 4K resolution is just one part of the equation. There is also the concern for frame rate as well as the question of whether all games support 4K or not.

In the following text, I will dig deeper into the question of 4K gaming with regard to Xbox Series X.

4K Resolution and Frame Rate Supported By Xbox Series X

There are two aspects the determine the overall quality of the gameplay for you: resolution and frame rate.

The higher the resolution the better would be the graphics quality and the higher the frame rate the smoother would be the motion.

Unfortunately, you cannot have both.

The higher the frame rate or the higher the resolution, the more taxing it is on the hardware of the gaming console.

Xbox Series X supports 4K @ 30 FPS, 60 FPS, and 120 FPS gameplay modes.

Not All Games Work at 4K @ 120 FPS

Does Xbox Series X Support 4K
AAA Games like Hogwarts Legacy work only at 4K @ 30 FPS in fidelity mode.

While Xbox Series X DOES support this display mode, given how taxing it would be to play at 4K @ 120 FPS, there are only a handful of games that work in this mode.

In fact, many new AAA games only work at 4K @ 30FPS. Take for instance Hogwarts Legacy, this game has several gameplay modes, Fidelity Mode, Performance Mode, Balanced Mode, etc.

If you choose to go for the Fidelity Mode, you’d be able to game at 4K resolution but with a frame rate stuck at a measly 30 FPS.

Some Games Do Not Support 4K At All

A Plague Tale Requiem
Does not support 4K resolution

We saw in 2022 that some games are just way too taxing to support 4K at all. A Plague Tale Requiem is a prime example of a game that did not include any support for 4K resolution even at 30 FPS.

This game ONLY supports FHD or 1440P.

The point to hit home here is that the actual gameplay mode of a game is heavily dependent on the game itself. In fact, there are some games that do not support 4K at all.

4K @ 120FPS Warrant an Investment in 4K @ 120Hz Monitor / TV

One important point to understand here is that in order to support the maximum rated gameplay mode of 4K @ 120 FPS, you would actually need to have a monitor with 4K @ 120Hz refresh rate in the first place.

You cannot plug your Xbox Series X in any TV or monitor and expect it to work at 4K @ 120FPS mode.

Unfortunately, displays with 4K @ 120Hz refresh rate are very expensive (almost as expensive as the Xbox Series X itself).

Plus the fact that there are only a handful of games that actually do work at 4K @ 120 FPS means that you will have wasted the potential of your expensive TV or monitor.

On the flip side, if you choose to invest in a 4K @ 60Hz TV or monitor, you would NOT be able to play any game designed to work at 120FPS.

4K TV and HDMI Version

I would also like to clarify the importance of the HDMI port version on your HDMI TV or monitor here.

Basically, the HDMI port version plays a significant role in determining the maximum refresh rate supported by a TV or a monitor and also whether some of the advanced features like the VRR or the ALLM would work or not.

Essentially there are three different HDMI port versions that you can find around.

  1. HDMI 1.4: Found on old TVs and monitors. Supports a maximum of 4K @ 30Hz
  2. HDMI 2.0: Relatively new. Supports a maximum of 4K @ 60Hz
  3. HDMI 2.1: Latest. Supports the maximum rated 4K @ 120Hz mode.
HDMI VersionMax ResolutionRefresh RateHDR
1.21440P1080P = 60Hz
1440P = 30Hz
1.3-1.44K (4096 x 2160)1080P = 120Hz
1440P = 60Hz
4K = 30Hz
2.04K (4096 x 2160)1080P = 240Hz
1440P = 144Hz
4K = 60Hz
2.18K (7680 x 4320)1440P = 240Hz
4K = 144Hz
4K = 240Hz (DSC)
8K = 120Hz (DSC)

In addition to that the VRR and ALLM features would ONLY work if your TV or a monitor has the HDMI 2.1 port.

Xbox Series X has an HDMI 2.1 output port. However, your TV or monitor must have an HDMI 2.1 input port for them to utilize its potential.

So Does Xbox Series X Support 4K?

TL:DR: Yes, Xbox Series X DOES support 4K resolution at 30FPS, 60FPS or 120FPS.

The exact support, however, varies from game to game and also depends upon what monitor or TV you have.

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