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Does the Xbox Series X have a Disc Drive?

does the xbox series x have a disc drive feature

With digital downloads and cloud subscriptions on the rise, things are looking for the physical disc drive and like many things, it can go obsolete in the near future.

We can observe this phenomenon, particularly with how the current generation of gaming consoles are released. The PS5 was released with a Disc Drive and a non-disc drive version and Xbox also launched with two different versions, the Series S and the Series X.

The Xbox Series S, being the weaker of the two, does not feature a disc drive and only supports digital downloads, but what about the Series X, does the Xbox Series X have a disc drive?

Fortunately, yes, Xbox Series X DOES feature a disc drive. It is blu ray drive and hence it works with newer as well as older generations of games.

Let us take a further look into this topic below:

So Does the Xbox Series X have a Disc Drive?

Does the Xbox Series X have a Disc Drive

So as mentioned, despite the growing trend of digital downloads and cloud subscriptions, the Xbox Series X proudly features a physical disc drive.

This feature not only holds true to the traditions but also offers practical uses which I explain below.

Disc Drive Offers Backward Compatibility

One of the biggest satisfaction that a gamer can find with their new-gen console is support for their older games.

However, we know that the older generation of consoles primarily relied on disc drives for games. Hence, to enable their support on the newer generation i.e. on Xbox Series X, a disc drive is a must.

Fortunately, Xbox Series X supports a vast majority of the Xbox One games. In addition that it also supports the older Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games with the caveat:

Xbox 360 and Original Xbox games that are compatible with Xbox One are also playable on Xbox Series X|S. –Xbox

Xbox also has a full list of backward-compatible games here.

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Reselling and Trading of Your Discs

Games can get very expensive, especially given the trend that developers are pushing for $70 as the standard cost for typical AAA games as supposed to $60 as it has always been.

As such, many gamers find a lot of value as well as a respite in having a disc-based game instead of a digital download which can they can resell or trade with another gamer for a new game.

With digital downloads, this is simply not possible.

So essentially, the disc drive feature adds an element of cost-effectiveness, as players can recover part of their investment once they’ve finished playing a game.

Physical Collectibles and Tangible Memorabilia

fallout physical collectible
Fallout Collectible (Nuke) is provided with Fallout Anthology game collection.

For the enthusiasts out there, physical discs are tangible objects and hold a sense of sweet nostalgic memory.

Many games love to boast and showcase the collection of their game discs. Many even go as far as to invest in the Delux editions that often come equipped with goodies and game-related souvenirs.

This can include objects, artwork, booklets, etc. As such, this kind of satisfaction is only possible with physical discs and packages NOT with digital downloads.

Huge Game Sizes and Broadband Limitations

Another point that goes highly in favor of disc-based consoles like the Xbox Series X is that not everyone has a very high-speed broadband or fiber connection.

And game sizes are getting huge often surpassing 100GB these days:

GameSize (GB)
AC Valhalla71
COD Black Ops Cold War (ultimate)283
Spider Man Miles Morales54
Hitman 3105
Destiny 2101
The Last of US 293
NBA 2K2293
Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut91
Mortal Kombat 1184
Cyberpunk 207763
Demon's Souls53
Dirt 552
F1 2021113
Call Of Duty: Vanguard90
Metro Exodus121
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt50
GTA V (next-gen)86
Horizon Forbidden West90

With a physical disc, you can get to gaming as soon as you insert the disc. You may have to download updates, but they can wait and they are not as big as the original game file.

Xbox Series X Takes The Hybrid Approach Like the Previous Gen Consoles

Unlike the Xbox Series S, the Series X sticks to the older-gen traditions in that although Xbox Series X DOES have a disc drive, it doesn’t shy away from embracing the digital world.

You can still download digital games from the Microsoft Store, Game Pass subscriptions for unlimited access to hundreds of games, and even do cloud gaming through the xCloud platform.

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So the answer to the question, “Does the Xbox Series X have a disc drive” is a yes, the Xbox Series X does have a disc drive.

This is certainly a fortunate feature to have for many gamers, especially in this era where digital downloads are becoming the norm.

Of course, you can still download digital games on Xbox Series X on your Microsoft account, but you also have the convenience to buy disc-based games.

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