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What is PS5 USB C Port Wattage?

PS5 USB C Port Wattage Featured

The PS5 has been a significant milestone in the gaming industry. It did, after all, usher in the era of next-gen gaming.

But not only does it bring improved graphics and performance, it also includes a host of new hardware features as well. One such feature is the  USB-C port.

While the peculiar USB C port has an important use for the PS VR2, it can also be used for power delivery and for charging devices.

Unfortunately, though, PS5 hasn’t made it abundantly clear how much power the USB C actually provides. This information can be valuable for someone who wants to connect and charge their devices on PS5.

Fortunately, we can, however, deduce the overall wattage of this port from devices that interface with PS5. Essentially though, the USB ports on PS5 provide enough power to charge the DualSense controller (7.5W) but NOT enough power to power the PS VR2 (15W).

In this article, I will discuss the PS5 USB C port wattage in detail and also explain its implications for charging and powering devices.

Understanding USB-C and Power Delivery

Before we dive into the specifics of the PS5’s USB-C port, it is important to understand the role of USB-C and Power Delivery (PD) technology.

USB-C is a universal connectivity standard that enables the transmission of data, video, and power across various devices.

However, not ALL USB C ports are created the same. You have the average USB C ports that provide transmission of multimedia data and the average amount of power, and then you have PD USB C ports.

These USB C ports can deliver up to 240 Watts of power! This is enough to power up a laptop or a monitor.


PS5 USB C Port Wattage

Unfortunately for us, PS5 DOES NOT provide us with a definitive answer to how much wattage the USB C port carries.

It does tell us the data rate of the USB ports, but unfortunately, does not easily highlight their wattage.

PS5 USB Ports

To understand the wattage, we will need to do a bit of digging.

For starters, we know that the DualSense Controllers require 1.5A at 5V to charge and a USB C port can deliver that. This puts it at at least 7.5 Watts of power.

Fortunately, we can test the output power of the USB port using a power meter.

PS5 USB C Port Wattage
Source: YT Channel (Pieter Baan)

We can see here that the maximum output voltage and amperes are 5.04V and 2.280A respectively.

This puts the wattage of the USB C port at 11.5W maximum.

Charging Controllers and Other Peripherals

While the PS5’s USB-C port wattage may not match that of dedicated chargers or of the PD-Type USB-C port, it still serves a valuable purpose for the overall PS5 gaming ecosystem.

The 11.5 wattage is more than the required power by the controllers but less than the required by the PS VR2.

Hence, when plugging the PS VR2 into PS5, you will need to plug an additional provided USB Type-A cable into the front USB Type-A port for power.

Additionally, the USB-C port can be used to charge or power other peripherals, such as gaming headsets, smartphones, and external SSDs.

However, it is essential to note that the 11.5W will not be sufficient for charging or powering larger and beefier devices like a laptop or a monitor.

Data Transfer and Compatibility of USB C Port

Beyond charging and powering devices, the PS5’s USB-C port also supports data transfer at USB 3.2 Gen 2 speeds (up to 10 Gbps).

This can be beneficial for users who want to connect external storage devices.

When connecting devices to the PS5’s USB-C port, ensure compatibility with the console. Most modern USB-C devices should work seamlessly, but it can be fruitful to check the specifications to avoid potential pitfalls.

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