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Does PS5 Need 120Hz TV?

Gaming is no longer just a pastime; it’s a full-blown lifestyle. As video games become increasingly immersive, gamers are not only craving quality gaming experiences but also high-speed action and razor-sharp graphics.

But the gaming hardware is just one part of the equation for the overall visual quality, the other half is the display itself.

As such, one particular area that has garnered a lot of attention lately is a game’s and display’s capability to show super high frame rates (i.e. frame rates higher than 60 FPS).

As such, the newer generation gaming console, such as the PS5, comes with the promise of supporting 120Hz refresh rate displays (to support 120 FPS gaming).

But those who are confused by this spec may ask, does PS5 need a 120Hz TV or a monitor to work? Is it mandatory to have a 120Hz display?

The answer to this question, fortunately, is a no. While you will be missing out on smoother motions if you choose an inferior refresh rate TV or monitor, the PS5 will work without it.

120Hz TV is a luxury to have for PS5, NOT a necessity.

In this article, we’ll break down the science of frame rates and refresh rates and look at PS5’s overall capabilities and limitations.

Unpacking The Terminology: Understanding Hertz (Hz) and Frame Rate

Refresh Rate vs Frame Rate
Refresh Rate vs Frame Rate. Image Source: Youtube @All About Electronics

First things first, let’s discuss what 120Hz actually means. In the context of displays and televisions, Hz (hertz) refers to the refresh rate, or how many times the screen updates its image per second.

Therefore, a 120Hz TV updates the image on the screen 120 times per second. A typical 60Hz TV, refreshes the screen 60 times in a second.

The higher the refreshes in a second, the smoother and more fluid are the visuals. This is particularly observable in fast-paced scenarios like gaming.

However, the refresh rate of a TV simply tells you the MAXIMUM frame rate it can support.

To make use of this increased refresh rate, the game or console needs to deliver frames at a similarly high rate.

Firstly, if a gaming console’s hardware is not capable enough, it will not be able to deliver 120FPS to utilize the 120Hz TV’s capabilities.

Secondly, if the game is only designed to deliver 30 or 60 frames per second (fps), for instance, a 120Hz refresh rate TV won’t make a difference at all.

PS5’s Capabilities and Display Modes Supported

The PS5 supports gaming at 120fps (frames per second) for certain titles. This increased frame rate can mean smoother visuals and a potentially competitive edge in fast-paced, high-intensity games.

However, PS5 also supports a set of other display modes i.e. resolution and refresh rates as described below:

  • 1080 @ 30Hz – 30 FPS
  • 1080 @ 60Hz – 60 FPS
  • 1080 @ 120Hz – 120FPS
  • 1440 @ 30Hz
  • 1440 @ 60Hz
  • 1440 @ 120Hz
  • 4k @ 30Hz
  • 4k @ 60Hz
  • 4k @ 120Hz

As such, you can see that PS5 will work with a TV or a monitor that is rated at a 60Hz refresh rate as well.

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So Does PS5 Need 120Hz TV?

No, PS5 DOES NOT need 120Hz TV as a MANDATORY requirement.

If you have a TV or a monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, your PS5 will work just fine.

However, on a 60Hz TV or a monitor, you will NOT be able to access the 120 FPS gameplay.

120FPS Mode is NOT Supported for All Games

There’s a catch to PS5’s capabilities. Pumping out 120 FPS is quite taxing on the gaming hardware.

As such, 120 FPS gameplay mode is NOT supported on ALL games out of the box.

In addition to that, PS5’s support for 120fps is generally limited to a lower resolution of 1080p rather than 4K.

Again, this is due to the intense processing power needed to render games at high frame rates as well as in 4K resolution.

Can PS5 Run 4K 120FPS
Choosing between performance and quality mode.

In the majority of the games, you are required to choose between performance or quality mode. The former favors higher frame rates and the latter favors a higher resolution.

Should You Upgrade to 120Hz TV for PS5?

That depends entirely upon your requirements and you may have to weigh the pros and cons. You may want to consider the following factors:

  1. The Games You Play: As mentioned earlier, not all games on the PS5 support 120fps. Check if the games you play or plan to play offer this feature.
  2. Budget: 120Hz TVs, especially those that offer 4K resolution, can be quite pricey. Make sure the upgrade fits your budget.
  3. Future-Proofing: The trend in gaming is moving towards higher frame rates. Investing in a 120Hz TV can prepare you for future games, as well as gaming consoles, that may support these higher rates.

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Final Words

So in short, the answer to the question “Does PS5 need 120Hz TV” is a no.

But while the PS5 doesn’t strictly “need” a 120Hz TV, such a TV can potentially enhance your gaming experience. This, of course, is contingent on the games you play.

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