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Does PS5 Have Dual Monitor Support?

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The answer to the question “Does PS5 have dual monitor support or not?” depends upon whether you want to have two individual displays or two mirror displays.

As far as support for two independent monitors goes, then the answer is unfortunately no. However, as far as the question of screen mirroring goes, while the PS5 does not have built-in support for this feature, it CAN be done using an HDMI splitter.

PS5 offers a single HDMI port. Unlike PCs where you have multiple video output ports, PS5 does not have that luxury. Hence, intrinsically speaking, PS5 does not have support for multiple display connectivity from the get-go.

In the following text, I will talk about dual and multiple monitor support on PS5 in detail.

PS5 Has a Single HDMI Port

In order to have multiple output support for dual monitors, it is a basic necessity to have more than a single video output port.

Connecting two monitors requires two video ports, three monitors require three video ports, and so on.

does PS5 have an HDMI Port

PS5, unfortunately, ONLY has a SINGLE HDMI port. It offers no other output port. You won’t find an extra DisplayPort, VGA, or DVI port on the console.

So even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to connect dual or multiple monitors to PS5.

HOWEVER, there are devices that can SPLIT the signal from the PS5 into multiple video output signals.

Using HDMI Splitters for MIRRORING the Image

An HDMI splitter, as the name suggests, is a device that takes in one output signal from the source device (PS5) and splits it into two IDENTICAL output signals on the other end.

HDMI splitter
Source: llano

So essentially, this is a device that helps in MIRRORING your original display into two identical displays.

So what you see on one monitor will be displayed on the second monitor in exactly the same way.

screen splitter
Source: @Nef Hack YT Channel

You can find splitters that can output to two, three, or more displays.

It should be noted that not all HDMI splitters are the same. Much like any other device with an HDMI port, the splitters conform to different versions.

If you want to carry 4K @ 120Hz signals, you will need to get a splitter with HDMI 2.1 ports.

Of course, the biggest caveat to note here is that screen splitters DO NOT output two INDEPENDENT signals. This brings me to the next point:

No INDEPENDENT Dual Monitor Support on PS5

As far as independent support for dual or more monitors goes for PS5, then unfortunately that is simply not possible.

In other words, there is no way to EXTEND your game onto two monitors for having ultrawide screen gameplay.

Additionally, for professional streamers who wish to game on one monitor and have their chat window open on the other, that isn’t possible either due to the same reason.

And finally, this also applies to those who believe that can play split-screen games on two independent monitors. No, this is SIMPLY NOT possible.

Streamers Can Use Video Capture Cards and Streaming PC

One possible way of having two independent screens for your PS5 or any other gaming console is to get a video capture card like the Elgato HD60 X and create a dedicated streaming workstation.

elgato video capture card

But know that this can get QUITE expensive. Almost as expensive as the gaming console itself (if not more).

HD60X elgator video capture card

Source: Elgato HD60 X Video Capture Card

Basically, a video capture card takes the signal from the PS5 via the HDMI port.

It then has another HDMI Out which you would connect to your primary display.

The video capture signal is then sent to the PC via a USB cable that connects to the Video Capture card on one end and to your streaming PC on the other.

The secondary monitor is then connected to the HDMI port on your PC.

The following video explains how this apparatus would work:

Again, this entire setup can be quite costly. But if you are a professional streamer or someone who wants to record their gameplay onto a video editing PC, then this arrangement can be quite useful.

So Does PS5 Have Dual Monitor Support?

As far as mirroring goes, yes PS5 can support mirroring BUT you will need to invest in an HDMI splitter separately.

As far as two independent displays go for split screen gaming, extended screen gaming, etc, that is not possible and PS5 does not support this functionality.

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