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Can You Play RDR1 on PS5?

Can you play RDR1 on PS5 featured

Unfortunately, the simple answer to the query is no, you cannot play RDR1 on PS5. This is due to the backward compatibility limitations on PS5.

Red Dead Redemption 1 was released all the way back in 2010 at the of PS3 and Xbox 360 and in my opinion to this day, it is still one of the most fascinating games in terms of graphics, storytelling, and gameplay mechanics.

But the problem is, who owns a PS3 these days? Many old PS3 gamers have graduated way past the relatively ancient console to the new PS5 counterpart. But those who would like to visit their past favorite game may ask “Can you Play RDR1 on PS5?”

But due to the backward compatibility limitations on PS5 that is simply not possible. I will talk more about this in detail below.

RDR1’s Legacy

RDR1, like most of the Rockstar games out there, is a ‘cathedral game’. Meaning it is gigantic in terms of scope and gameplay. Hence, even to this day, it still holds relevance.

While its successor RDR2 was hugely successful in 2018, I believe it was the RDR1 released in 2010 that has given this series a solid foundation.

Now I want you to note that Red Dead Redemption 1 was released on the flagship console of the day i.e. PS3 and Xbox 360 – which is an issue as I explain below.

PS5 and Its Backward Compatibility

Unfortunately, PS5 is hugely limited in terms of its backward compatibility with older games.

According to the official statement:

The PlayStation®5 console is backward compatible with the overwhelming majority of PlayStation®4 games. –

As such, it should be clear that PS5, by nature, is ONLY compatible with games released for PS4.

Given that RDR1 was released for PS3, it naturally entails that this game will NOT work with PS5 console at all.

So just don’t try inserting the PS3 RDR1 disc into the PS5 console. Otherwise, you will be disappointed.

I should also mention here that PS3 games aren’t even compatible with the current previous-gen console i.e. PS4.

Can You Play RDR1 on PS5?

Can You Play RDR1 on PS5

As it stands, no, you cannot play the original RDR1 on PS5. The PS3 disc will simply not be compatible.

What About PS Now Service?

PS NOW is a PAID game streaming service. Think of it as Netflix but for games.

PS NOW has a repository of old and new games that you can ‘stream’ online. This even includes many PS3 and even PS2 games.

UNFORTUNATELY, though, PS NOW does NOT have RDR1 in its game library. Rockstar simply hasn’t made this game available for streaming on PS Now.

Hence, you can PS5 neither support the disc version of RDR1 nor can you stream this game on its PS Now service.

RDR1 Remaster for PS4 Around the Corner

The only way you can play RDR1 on PS5 is if there is a PS4 or PS5 available.

And guess what, the PS4 Red Dead Redemption Remaster is in fact just around the corner.

However, while this news would normally have many gamers jump in joy, it is in fact, one of the most disappointing news in my opinion and here is why.

The Remaster version comes at a cost … wait for it…$50! $50 FULL DOLLARs for a remaster of the game that you probably own or have owned previously on your PS3 console

Secondly, the remaster is for the PS4 CONSOLE! So while technically, it WILL work on PS5 as well (since PS4 games CAN work on PS5), it is a disappointment that there is not a dedicated version that could leverage the more powerful hardware of PS5 generation.

So if you have a serious itch for playing RDR1 and you cannot get rid of it, I would recommend borrowing a PS3 from someone and then getting the PS3 version for $30 ($15 on discount if you are lucky).

This news does however highlight the sad reality of the gaming industry.

Final Words

Simply put, the answer to the question “Can you play RDR1 on PS5?” is a no. The original PS3 disc can simply not be played.

You can only do so with the remastered version that costs a hard-to-digest $50 (for a game that is ported).

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