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Can PS5 Run 4K 120FPS

When the next-gen consoles were just around the corner back in 2020, people had really high expectations many even believing that the consoles would support 8K resolution and stupendously high refresh rates. But that is obviously not the case.

As far as the question “can PS5 run 4k 120FPS games?”, the answer is a Yes. Yes, PS5 has the support to run games at 4K resolution at 120FPS.

However, the reality of the matter may not be too compelling. The reality of the matter is that there are only a handful of games that PS5 can run at 4K 120FPS and the majority of those are old unexciting titles.

So, the entire notion of PS5 and the next-gen consoles supporting 4K and 120FPS is meager and in the majority of the case quite worthless. Why? Because the monitor/TV needed to support 4K @ 120Hz is quite expensive. Much more expensive than the console itself. And to buy all that for a few old games is not worth the effort or money.

So yes, PS5 can support 4K at 120FPS, but let’s discuss whether it is even worth it.

Very Few PS5 Games Support 4K @ 120FPS

As alluded to earlier, PS5 does NOT have out-of-the-box support for 4K 120FPS for ALL games. 4K resolution at 120FPS is highly taxing on the current-gen hardware.

Even top-of-the-line gaming PCs that cost multiple times more than gaming consoles can have a hard time pushing 120 frames in a second that too at a whopping 4K resolution. PS5 is a mid-range gaming computer at best.

So dispel any misconception regarding all games working on 4K @ 120FPS on PS5 since that is hardly the case. You’d be lucky to get 120FPS support on Full HD on PS5 let alone on 4K resolution.

The only games that support 4K and 120FPS on PS5 are old titles and very low graphically demanding games like Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom.

The following is a list of all PS5 games that currently support 120FPS at 4K resolution:

List of PS5 Games Supporting 4k 120FPS

Game4K Native/Upscaled/Dynamic at 120FPS
Centipede RechargedNative
Jumanji: The Video GameUpscaled
Knockout CityDynamic
Monster Boy And The Cursed KingdomNative
Rogue CompanyDynamic
The TourystNative

As you can see from the table above none of the popular online titles like Call of Duty: Warzone or any of the AAA titles support 4K at 120FPS.

PS5 and Current Gen Already Showing Age with 30FPS Games

Here we are dreaming of PS5 support 4K 120FPS games when this generation of consoles has already started to show its age.

This generation can’t even promise 60 FPS let alone 120FPS. But as of recently, things have been looking quite grim with the release of A Plague Tale: Requiem and Gotham Knights.

A Plague Tale: Requiem and Gotham Knights support 30FPS @ 1440P and 30FPS @ 4K and there is no performance mode where you could select higher frame rates by sacrificing resolution.

And with highly anticipated and graphically demanding next-gen games such as Assassins Creed Mirage, Hogwarts Legacy, etc around the corner, it seems that 30FPS would be making a comeback again as the current-gen hardware just can’t keep up.

Given the current situation, we can positively throw the idea of PS5 supporting 4K 120FPS on any newer titles out of the window.

Enabling Support for 4k 120FPS Games on PS5

Providing the right support for 4k 120FPS on PS5 is another question. You need to have the right settings as well as the hardware in order to enable 4K 120FPS.

I will explain this below:

PS5’s Performance vs Resolution Mode

If you are a new PS5 player, then you may be unfamiliar with the two gameplay modes that you can select from, Performance and Resolution Mode.

Can PS5 Run 4K 120FPS

These modes can be found under Settings -> Saved Data and Game/App Settings -> Game Presets

The two modes are quite self-explanatory:

  • Performance mode = Higher Frame Rates Lower Resolution
  • Resolution mode = Higher Resolution Lower Frame Rates

So, if you wish to play at 4K, you would choose resolution mode. Alternatively, if you wish to play at higher frame rates like 120FPS, you would choose performance mode.

If in case, your game of choice does not work at 4K @ 120Hz, then you may want to change the mode.

You Need the Right Hardware for 4k @ 120FPS

In addition to settings, one of the critical things to highlight here is that you need to have the right hardware in order to enable support for 4K 120FPS.

You Need the Right Monitor / TV

For starters, you need to have the right display device with an HDMI 2.1 input. PS5 only has an HDMI port and therefore no other ports such as DisplayPort, or Thunderbolt port on your monitor would be supported.

Unfortunately, monitors and TVs that offer 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate (for supporting 120FPS) cost a fortune. A 4k @ 120Hz monitor / TV can be more expensive than the console itself. Take for instance the Samsung Odyssey G70A and Acer Predator XB283K, perhaps the cheapest 4K @ 120hz monitor, they cost about $600 and $500 respectively – almost as or more expensive than PS5 itself.

TVs from lesser-known brands, such as the TCL 55″ Class 5-Series, are slightly less expensive, but still, cost a fortune.

A Note on Monitor Refresh Rate

144Hz, 165Hz and 240Hz Monitor Must Have 120Hz Support

Make sure when buying a monitor with a high refresh rate that it has support for 120Hz mode as well. Not all 144Hz, 165Hz, and 240Hz have support for 120Hz making 120FPS unplayable on PS5.

Dell S2719DGF display modes

Dell S2719DGF is a 144Hz monitor that does not have 120Hz mode making it incompatible with 120FPS mode on PS5.

Is Aiming for 4k 120FPS Even Worth It?

So, with only a measly amount of old and unexciting games playable at 4K @ 120FPS on PS5 and with the 4K@120Hz monitors and TV requiring deep pockets, you truly have to gauge whether investing top dollar is even worth it.

With the current trend of 30FPS, we can positively deduce that there will NOT be any AAA game in the future that could support 4K @ 120FPS on PS5 – the hardware just isn’t strong enough. We could expect that to happen with the next-gen consoles perhaps in 2027 or later but as of yet, it seems 30FPS will be making a comeback.

In my opinion, unless you have a 4K @ 120Hz monitor / TV lying around, it is not worth it to get a new one for PS5.

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