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How Many Controllers Come with PS4?

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One of the key questions that many gamers who are just getting into PS4 console gaming ask is whether the console comes with any controller at all, and if so how many controllers come with PS4?

Well, fortunately, PS4 DOES come with a controller. As for the number of controllers, the simple answer is that it only comes with a single controller.

Of course, for the vast majority of gamers, a single controller can suffice just fine. However, for those who wish to play split-screen multiplayer games, that can be a bummer.

In the following text, I will explore this topic in further detail and talk about what comes packaged with PS4 in general.

What Comes in the PS4 Box?

PS4 HDMI Cable Specs
A PS4 bundle. Source: Sony

A typical PS4 bundle consists of almost all the nits and bits of pieces that you need to get into the game.

A typical PS4 bundle (unless you bought a special edition console) comes with the following accessories:

  1. The console itself
  2. HDMI Cable
  3. A power cord
  4. A USB cable
  5. A mono headset
  6. User manual
  7. and, crucially, a DualShock 4 gaming controller

This package remains consistent across the original PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro with the only difference being that the PS4 Pro comes with an HDMI 2.0 cable instead of an HDMI 1.4 cable like the other two.

The PS4 Controller: DualShock 4

Among the goodies that you find with the package, you will find a DualShock 4 controller.

How Many Controllers Come with PS4
DualShock 4 Controller

DualShock 4, abbreviated as DS4, is not as profound in terms of technological advancements as the DualSense controller on PS5, it is, however, a significant improvement over the DS3 on the older PS3.

From the firmer grips and beefier size to better feedback and handling, touchpad, speaker, and microphone jack, DS4 is better than DS3 in almost all attributes.

So How Many Controllers Come with PS4?

The short and simple answer is one. All variants of PS4 including the more expensive PS4 Pro come bundled with a single DualShock 4 controller.

Sony has followed this tradition with PS3 and also with PS5. They all come with a single controller.

What to Do if You Need Additional Controllers?

If you are someone who wishes to have split-screen multiplayer sessions with friends, then you will need additional controllers of course.

Unless your friend already has one and they can bring it over for a multiplayer session, you will need to buy an additional controller separately in this case.

PS4 can support a maximum of 4 simultaneous controllers.

So if you wish to play with 4 friends on a 4-way split screen or a sports title like FIFA, then you will need to buy three additional controllers.

Do You Really Need More than a Single Controller

Unless you absolutely want to play certain titles such as FIFA, Rocket League, A Way Out, and It Takes Two, with your friend sharing the same screen, you do not need to have more than a single controller.

A single controller is more than sufficient for those who either love single-player adventures or those who play online multiplayer.

Many gamers out there do not like to play Split-Screen anymore. Split-Screen is not a competitive form of multiplayer either especially when playing FPS games where your opponent can peek at your screen.

As such many gamers, particularly those who love to play competitively, prefer to play online with their friends instead of locally.

Here is a list of the popular split-screen games on PS4 for you to gauge whether getting an additional controller is worth it.

Potential Reasons for Not Including More Than One Controller

Essentially there are two main reasons why Sony, like its rival Xbox, has not been including more than a single controller with their consoles including PS4:

1. Most Gamers Need a Single Controller Only

The vast majority of the players either play single-player story mode games or play online multiplayer.

Split-Screen or local co-op gaming is a very niche gaming requirement.

2. Makes the Console Cheaper

So it all boils down to the economics of it all.

An additional controller can cost you a lot. And since split-screen or local multiplayer is a niche concept, it does not make sense to put the burden of the cost on the vast majority of the players who do not play locally.

Additional controllers will shoot up the price of the console as a package. The higher the price, the less accessible the console would be to the masses which consoles generally intend to target.

Final Words

So in short, the answer to the question “How many controllers come with PS4?” is one. PS4 only comes with a single DualShock 4 controller.

If you wish to have more, you certainly can connect up to 4 controllers. However, additional controllers will have to be acquired on your own.

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