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Can You Play PS4 Without Internet?

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It would be a shame to purchase a new PS4 gaming console only to find out that you cannot game on it since you do not have internet access.

Since gaming has become an indispensable part of life for many out there and since a typical needs those few hours of gaming a day, it is absolutely a must to make sure you can still access your games in case of no internet.

The answer to the question, “Can you play PS4 without internet?” is fortunately a yes. You certainly CAN play games on all variants of PS4 without the internet.

HOWEVER, there are certain times when having an internet connection becomes a must and I will discuss those in the text below.

Internet is Important But NOT Mandatory

PlayStation 4, like any modern gaming device out there from PCs to cellphones, is primarily designed to interface with the internet.

The internet is a must not only if you wish to play online multiplayer, but also for downloading and for updating the games and console firmware itself.

The following are some of the instances that absolutely do require an internet connection:

Downloading Games

If you bought a digital version of a game through PS Store, you will absolutely need to have an internet connection in order to download it.

Updating Games

Whether you have bought a digital game or have a disc-based game. If you wish to update the game to its latest version, you will need to have an internet connection.

Updating the game is important to fix glitches and bugs.

Updating PS4 Firmware

Gaming consoles often release newer updates for their operating system, fixing bugs and bringing new features.

In order to update the PS4 OS’s firmware, you will need to have an internet connection once again.

Setting Up Your Account

Of course, setting up your account initially would require you to have an internet connection too.

Accessing your PS Now Subscription

If you subscribe to the PS Now service and want to check what games you have available to download for free, then again, an internet connection is a must.

Streaming and Sharing

Can you play PS4 without internet

The PS4 offers numerous social and streaming features, such as broadcasting your gameplay live on Twitch or sharing screenshots and videos on social platforms. These services all require internet access.

The above is true not just for the original PS4, but also for PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro.

So Can You Play PS4 Without Internet?

While you certainly need internet for the aforementioned scenarios, the real question is whether you need an internet connection for playing on PS4.

While generally, the answer is no, you do not need to have a constant internet connection to play games, I must point out that are different types of games.

And depending upon what type of game you have, you may or may not need an internet connection as a must.

Online Games (Internet a Must)

elder scrolls online
MMORPG titles like Elder Scrolls Online are a perfect example of a game that requires a constant internet connection. Source: ESO

These games, as their name suggests, REQUIRE an internet connection as a must. These include games like Elder Scrolls Online, World of Tanks, etc.

Single-Player Games That Do Require an Internet Connection

These games are generally story-based games that require an internet connection, unfortunately. These include games like Diablo 3.

eSports Titles with Offline Mode (Internet Recommended)

Esports titles with offline mode are titles that are primarily designed to be played online but offer offline modes for practicing or for casual gameplay.

These include Counter-Strike, Rocket League, etc.

Single Player Story Centered Games (Internet Not Needed)

fallout 4
Fallout 4 is a type of game that benefits little from a constant internet connection

Finally, you have games that are purely single-player-based games. These are your average AAA and indie titles.

These include games like Assassin’s Creed, Elder Scrolls, Fallout, The Witcher, etc.

Tips for Offline PS4 Gaming

The majority of the PS4 games can be played offline. If you are someone who suffers from a lack of constant internet connectivity, keep the following tips in mind.

Update Regularly

If possible, periodically connect your PS4 to the internet to download the latest updates and patches.

Doing so ensures your games will function correctly and provide the best experience.

This won’t require a constant internet connection. Instead, you will just need to occasionally connect your console to the internet.

Choose Physical Over Digital

If your internet access is limited, opt for physical game discs over digital downloads.

This will enable you to install games without relying on an internet connection at all.

While you may still need to connect to the internet in order to download the latest updates to fix bugs and add new features to the game, it won’t be an absolute must.

Manual Save Management

With an internet connection, PS4 automatically saved your progress to the cloud network.

If you are offline, then you will have to manage the save points yourself.

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Final Words

So the short answer to the question “Can you play PS4 without internet?” is a yes. You certainly can.

However, depending upon your choice of game, you may or may not require an internet connection.

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