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What would you give to rekindle the rush, thrill, and excitement of a new casino spin? Sometimes, the routine of regular wheel spins can get boring, unexciting, and tiring. If you’ve been looking for something akin to the spontaneous Vegas experience, you’re in for a treat. Here is a chance to explore new casino games built to send chills down your spine. Each game provides a unique experience, so don’t wait to be told. To explore our list of specialty casino games, keep reading.

Top 7 Specialty Casino Games

Specialty games are fast becoming a sensation in the gaming world. These games are designed to give a specific experience and excitement. Here are the top 7 specialty games:

1. Virtual Horse Racing

If you’ve ever been on a horse track, you’ll understand the buzz that each active rack track provides. Now imagine your digital racetrack, pushing against the odds to find the most feasible bets on virtual horses. The game provides outstanding commentary, immersive graphics, and a friendly interface that is easy to navigate. It is a perfect and more convenient alternative for horse racing enthusiasts. 

2. Slingo

The name reveals a cheeky merger of the famous games – Slot and Bingo. This fusion has produced a favorable spread of the game. Spinning reels to match numbers on your bingo card introduces suspense and drama, while the traditional slot experience could be attributed to luck, which leaves you on the edge of your toes. Slingo’s fast-paced gameplay and diverse theme options guarantee you have fun while scoring exciting points.

3. Keno

Back in ancient China, Keno was famous for its lottery setup. Players would select numbers based on grid displays, and the numbers drawn were used to determine the winners. The more your picks match the numbers drawn, the higher your payouts. The personalized lucky ticket offers bonus rounds with potential cash rewards.

4. Arcade Games

Several online casinos have different arcade games that put the icing on classic gaming. If you’re looking for a break from regular casino games, then arcade games are the best fit. Exciting arcade options include shooting galleries, puzzle challenges, racing, fish table games, fruit machines, and adventure games. These games incorporate skill, strategy, and luck to ensure a thrilling adventure. 

5. Specialty Slots

Traditional slots have, for a while, dominated the casino industry. Thankfully, specialty slots are a breath of fresh air from the regular narrative. Specialty slots offer engaging themes, friendly elements, and bonus rounds, features that make them stand out. You can find themes from popular movies and mythical worlds that keep you glued to each scene. 

6. Bingo

Now, let’s take a look at something classic: Bingo! From vibrant themes to lightning-fast rounds and jackpots, gamers enjoy online buzzing rooms that will pop your eyes. Think of it as a social whirlwind, a game of luck infused with communal interaction. You should enjoy this if you’re looking towards casino-friendly competitions. 

7. Scratch Cards

Remember your reaction when you first scratched off that silver foil? How excited you were at the possibility of a fortune just beneath? That’s the exact experience you’ll get when playing online scratch cards. One is likely to think that a screen interface robs you of the fun. On the contrary, online scratch cards provide engaging themes, including cartoon capers and luxurious high-roller dreams. As you click and scratch, each symbol shows you what lies beneath.

The Plinko Thrill 

We want to conclude this list by bringing you our top specialty game recommendation. The Plinko idea was drawn from the classic TV game show The Price Is Right. In the game, balls are released onto a pegged board, after which they bounce back onto prize slots. The ball could trigger multipliers and bonus rounds if your approach is perfect. One reason Plinko guarantees a thrilling experience is the randomness of each ball path. The blend of strategy and decision-making makes Plinko a game favorite to an extensive audience

Plinko casino games feature several prize slots at the bottom of the board, each presenting new rewards. The game syntax ensures that no two rounds are the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are specialty games as lucrative as slots or roulette?

Specialty games offer varying payouts – some offer large jackpot wins. However, select a game based on the degree of risk and play style that suits you. 

2. Are specialty games more complicated than slots?

No, they are not. Specialty games are easy to learn and navigate. Some specialty games have advanced levels for more experienced players. Ensure you choose a game that matches your level and skill. 

3. Can I play Plinko Casino for free?

Most online casinos provide a free demo version of Plinko. This allows you to enjoy the game without playing any bets with real money. This option helps you learn the syntax of the game and the skills required to make more wins with real money. 

4. Are there different variations of Plinko?

 Yes, online casinos offer different versions of Plinko. Each version of the game comes with unique prize structures and features. You can explore to find the version that suits you best.

5. Is Plinko only available in online casinos?

No, Plinko is also available in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, the online version of the game provides easy access and comfort while playing across the globe.


Online casino games have evolved to include specialty games like Plinko. These games guarantee a new wave of excitement, suspense, and strategy that keeps you eager for more. Whatever you choose, specialty games are a good distraction from regular casino experiences. You get to hack your excitement level while earning multiple rewards. 


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