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Laws and Regulations Regarding Iranian Game

Iran is very strict when it comes to gambling. They have stringent laws and regulations, which make gambling illegal in Iran. If you are new to online Iranian casinos, then here’s a quick overview to shed light on important aspects. Let’s explore the laws and regulations regarding Iranian casinos.

Legal Status of Gambling in Iran

Iran is an Islamic country where all rules are based on Shariah laws. According to Islam, gambling is illegal, which is why players are punished for engaging in this activity. Despite this, many players bet on different online platforms using a VPN, such as to wager money.

The government has banned online and land-based casinos in Iran. If anyone is seen taking part in betting at offline or online casinos, then Iran’s government imposes penalties on them. Not on this, players can even face imprisonment in the country if caught by authorities. All of this is taking place to control social and moral harm in Iran.

Penalties for Gambling in Iran

Playing at casinos comes with severe penalties. However, these penalties are different for each type of gambling, such as simple gambling and organized gambling.

For instance, if you’re found playing card games or betting on sports, then you can get imprisoned for six months with heavy fines.

On the other hand, organized gambling can lead to much bigger punishments. This involves operating large casinos or developing online betting platforms. If you’re found doing it, then you can face up to two years in imprisonment with huge fines.

Iran’s Stance on Controlling Gambling

Since gambling is illegal in Iran, the country takes strict measures to control this type of entertainment. Betting is believed to cause negative social and moral side effects, which is the first one of the many reasons why it’s banned in Iran. To make sure no Iranian is engaged in such activities, the government takes strict actions through multiple means to control it. Some methods that they use to track, prevent, and combat gambling in Iran are:

  • Filtering the internet
  • Surveilling and monitoring players
  • Legal bans and rules

Filtering the Internet

The first thing that the Iranian government does is put filters and restrict access to online gambling sites for all players. They censor all such gambling sites to make sure no citizen can gain access to them.

This barrier creates a limitation for players to deposit money or even register at an online site. However, a lot of sites allow players from Iran through the use of VPN to change their IP address. So, in case you want to play casino games, you can use a trustworthy VPN to gain access to these casino sites from a different location.

Surveilling and Monitoring Players

Next is surveillance and monitoring where the government closely monitors all physical establishments. For instance, they check all hotels and entertainment spots to find any clue of gambling activities. Regardless of the reason, betting is not allowed in any case. So, if any establishment is found engaged in these activities, they bear heavy charges and punishments.

Furthermore, the government also tracks the financial transactions of such establishments to look for any suspicious activities. This is the second method of how the Iranian government tries to control the prevalence of gambling in the country.

Legal Bans and Rules

Last but not least, the Iranian government has made some stringent rules to stop gamblers from betting online or in land-based casinos. Not only will the players pay heavy fines, but they will be subjected to long-term imprisonment as well. The alleged person will be prosecuted according to the Iranian Penal Code.

Age Requirement for Gambling in Iran

Since gambling is not allowed in the country; therefore, there are no such age requirements. However, the legal age to gamble at a land-based or online casino is 18 years or older. Many gambling sites take documents to verify the age of the person to control underage gambling. Even if you’re playing with a VPN from Iran, you have to make sure you meet the age requirement to avoid any problems or bans in the future.

Tax on Gambling in Iran

Iran does not have any tax on gambling since it’s restricted in the country. However, the only form of gambling allowed in the country is by the Iran Horse Racing Organization, which also takes tax on bets. This is only to cover the funding for the organization and to support horse racing betting in the country. If you’re using a VPN to play at online casinos from Iran, then make sure to check the tax laws and regulations first before wagering money.

Gambling License in Iran

There are no gambling licenses or permits in Iran due to its legal status. The Iran Horse Racing Organization only gives licenses for horse racing. You can’t get it for other forms of gambling.


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