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GTA 6: What do we know so far?

The very first edition of Grand Theft Auto was released in 1997, and the franchise instantly became a groundbreaker. With its gritty themes, it captured the headlines, and laid a platform for many imitators to follow.

Over 25 years, it’s remained as one of the top selling games of its kind, despite relatively few upgrades. Unlike other series, GTA do not update every year so, when a new release comes along, it’s a big deal.

Super Six

GTA 6 is not set to hit the stores until 2025, but the huge interest in this franchise means that consumers are already talking about it. The anticipation was intensified towards the end of 2023 when a trailer was leaked, disclosing key information about expected gameplay.

The rumour mill was already in full force, but that trailer has only added to the speculation. The excitement is building, but what will the sixth edition of Grand Theft Auto hold?

Exotic Settings

Producers Rockstar have only recently confirmed the release of GTA 6 and its scheduled date. The trailer was set to come out on December 5, but the leak kickstarted the speculation over what was to come.

The video clip is just 90 seconds long, but there are some interesting pointers. The first of these is the location as we see packed Florida beaches with high rise blocks and luxury apartments. Those who can remember the TV Show Miami Vice will recognise some of the influences.

In fact, we’re back to Vice City which was the backdrop for the first ever Grand Theft Auto games. There will be an element of nostalgia for older players as this franchise goes back to its roots.

The casino was a huge part of the success of GTA V, players had the opportunity to win stacks of virtual cash through playing the various games, including poker. Three card poker was arguably the most lucrative, so the more players read up on the poker hands, the better the life of the virtual character. GTA often touches on a city’s nightlife with clubs, bars and more. The trailer suggests there’s more to come from a setting that combines a mix of luxury and grit.

Social Media Influence

Since GTA’s last release, social media has taken hold, and the new edition is set to showcase the rise of new platforms. The clip shows some elements of providers such as TikTok and Instagram, and that could mean that use of social media by the characters plays a greater role in the storyline.

Could the main protagonists go online to boast about their heists, or is the social media element simply used to enhance the graphics?

The Main Players

Speaking of main characters, the trailer has also introduced us to Lucia, who will play a central role in GTA 6 when it is released. Other than her name, we know little about her or her backstory, but she appears at the start of the clip in prison clothing.

Could Lucia be out for revenge with a score to settle? It’s obvious from the trailer that she hasn’t returned to a quiet life, and she’ll continue to be on the wrong side of the law through GTA 6. 

Lucia appears alongside a male character who has yet to be named. The pair appears to be partners in crime, but their exact relationship remains open to speculation. They are certainly bonded, as they speak about trust during the 90-second trailer.

Back to the Future

While some rumors suggested that gameplay would take place in the original version of Vice City, the trailer seems to put those stories to bed. During one of the brief scenes, we can see a pedestrian using a modern style Smartphone, which indicates that the action will be set in the modern day.

Alternatively, have Rockstar Games introduced an element of time travel to the new release? That is complete speculation, but it would offer a fascinating twist to the storyline. It can’t be fully ruled out, but we expect that 2025 Vice City will be the location for Grand Theft Auto 6.

The Platforms You’ll Need

As for the small print, the developers have confirmed that GTA 6 will only be available on the PS5 and Xbox Series X. There are no plans to make the new edition compatible with the Xbox One or the PS4, so users will need to have current-gen tech.

It’s such a long wait for the new edition of Grand Theft Auto, but devoted fans will already be counting down the days. The trailer has only helped to boost the anticipation, while the brief details shown in the clip have us all talking about what we can expect.

More details will start to surface in the New Year. Game developers Rockstar certainly know how to tease their audience to the point where fans are desperate for the title to come out. For now, this is what we can surmise from that trailer, but the full picture for GTA 6 will become evident in the months that follow.


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