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Download Minecraft 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0: find copper lamps in underground structures, try out new spawners, and improve your crafting!

Minecraft 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0: New Update

Fans of the virtual world are waiting for every minecraft bedrock edition update. This time, the Mojang team decided to add more adventures to the underground caves and gave players the opportunity to get a new experience with multiplayer.

Minecraft PE 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0 adds Trial Chambers that are dungeons which contain:

  • Trial Spawners;
  • Cooper Bulbs;
  • Crafters;
  • Breeze.

New dungeons

Minecraft bedrock 1.21.0 players were the first to learn what Trial Chambers are and were able to participate in adventures underground. The developers decided that it was necessary to complicate the survival and added several dangers to the underground structures.

It is worth noting that Minecraft 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0 players can also find useful resources inside Trial Chambers. They are hidden in chests that appear throughout the territory.

Hostile Mobs

Dark locations underground are a great place for a new hostile mob to appear. The developers called it Breeze, and it can attack anyone who dares to come to its territory in Minecraft PE 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0. His weapons are balls from the air, so he controls the wind to defeat his opponents.

There are some similarities in the behavior of the Breeze with the already existing in-game inhabitant – Blaze.


There are various types of blocks that have appeared in Minecraft 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0.

Many players, wanting to see what new blocks can be in the updated world, downloaded different Minecraft Textures. Now users will be able not only to evaluate the appearance of unique materials, but also to learn their functionality.

Block Features
Trial Spawner This is a block that creates monsters when the characters are nearby. If there are a lot of players, more mobs will spawn. It is possible to get rewards for defeated monsters.
Copper Bulb This item is used for lighting in dark locations of the game. Minecraft PE 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0 users can see how it dims when the copper is oxidized.
Crafter The developers have created a unique block that helps to make the creating process automatic to some extent. It will appeal to those who want to use Redstone in crafting.
Copper Blocks There are even more different copper blocks in Minecraft 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0, each of which has its own functionality. They are used for decoration.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.21.60, 1.21.40 and 1.21.0: New Version




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