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Does Coaching Help Us to get Better in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is a popular battle royale game that requires skill, strategy, and teamwork to survive and win. Many players want to improve their performance and rank up in the game, but they may not know how to do it effectively. Coaching is a service that allows players to learn from experienced and professional Apex Legends players who can provide them with tips, feedback, and guidance. It also helps people to improve their skills in various aspects of the game, such as aim, movement, positioning, awareness, strategy, and teamwork. If you guys are looking to improve your gameplay you can always choose apex legends coaching. The coach can teach you how to use different weapons, legends, and abilities effectively. They will also tell you some rotation ideas or show them what they are doing in fights that they shouldn’t be. 

Types of Coaching

There are different types of coaching that suit different needs and preferences of players. Here are some of the common types of coaching in Apex Legends:

Playing with Coach 

You will play with the coach in a squad and follow their instructions and advice. The coach can demonstrate how to play the game  effectively, communicate with teammates, and handle different situations. He can also observe the player’s gameplay and point out their mistakes and areas of improvement. This type of coaching is suitable for players who want to learn by doing and have hands-on experience. The advantages of playing with coach are:

  • Get instant feedback and correction from the coach.
  • Watch and learn from the coach’s playing style.
  • Ask questions and get answers while playing.
  • Face various scenarios and challenges with the coach’s guidance.
  • Have fun and enjoy the game with the coach as a teammate.

Coach Guide: 

This type of coaching involves playing solo or with other teammates while the coach watches the player’s gameplay through a live stream or a screen share. He will provide real-time feedback, suggestions, and tips to the player while they are playing. The coach can also answer the player’s questions and doubts and help them to make better decisions. This type of coaching is suitable for players who want to have more flexibility in their gameplay and learn from their own mistakes. Some of the advantages of this type of coaching are:

  • Play at your own speed and style, no coach influence.
  • Choose your legend, weapon, and loadout freely, no coach restrictions.
  • Experiment and try new things with coach support and encouragement.
  • Gain a different perspective and insight from the coach’s observation.
  • Improve self-awareness and evaluation skills with coach feedback.

Coach Feedback through Match Replay

This coaching involves sending a recorded video of the player’s gameplay to the coach and receiving a detailed analysis and review from the coach. The coach can watch the replay and identify the player’s strengths and weaknesses, highlight their good and bad moves, and give them specific and actionable advice on how to improve. He can use tools such as annotations, drawings, and voice-over to explain their points. It is suitable for players who want to have a thorough and in-depth evaluation of their gameplay and learn from their past performance. Players will get following advantages from coach feedback:

  • Review gameplay anytime, no interruptions
  • Watch from different angles for details
  • Get a comprehensive coach report
  • Learn tips and tricks from the coach
  • Track progress with coach feedback

Top Coaches 

There are many coaches in Apex Legends who can help players to get better in the game. Some of the top coaches are:


Pubski is an Apex Legends player that has played since the first week of the game’s release date. He is highly knowledgeable with Wraith, Pathfinder, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Bangalore with over 3000+ kills on all of those legends. He also has scrim and tournament experience and has a good understanding of the meta. He has good chatting with players and creates a really engaging environment that gives good vibes. According to people’s reviews Pubski is very humble and happy, and always offering advice or giving direction. His coaching session definitely goes way into depth on your mistakes you make and gives you huge pointers to help you improve, definitely worth it.


Tempsyy, a seasoned Apex Legends professional and top #1 arena Predator during season 11. With his coaching experience at renowned companies like BlazingBoost and Overgear, he is a skilled mentor offering direct, efficient, and language-flexible guidance in both Italian and English. His ability to correct mistakes and provide invaluable insights, coupled with his impressive gameplay, makes him an exceptional coach and mentor for anyone who is willing to improve their Apex Legends skills.


Coaching in Apex can help players to get better in Apex Legends by improving their skills, confidence, and fun. There are different types of coaching that suit different needs and preferences of players, such as play together, guide while you are playing, and watch your replay. There are also many top coaches in Apex Legends who can provide high-quality and personalized coaching to players, such as Pubski and Tempsyy. If you want to take your game to the next level, you can book a coach today and start learning from the best Apex Legends players in the world.



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