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Apex Legends: The Know-it-All Guide for Intermediate Players

Apex Legends is a famous battle royale game that has attracted millions of players worldwide. As an intermediate player, you have likely mastered the basics but if you want to improve your game and reach the next level.

This guide will look at advanced strategies to help you achieve victory in Apex Legends.

Mastering Essentials and Character Selection

The first step to becoming an Apex Legends champion is mastering the basics. It includes coming to terms with the UI, learning to aim, and developing situational awareness. Understand the characters and their abilities to decide which works best for you.

Controlling Weaponry Tactics:

Once you know Apex Legends mechanics, it’s time to learn effective weapon tactics. It involves knowing when and how to use diverse weapons in scenarios like close-quarters or long-range battles.

Playing with the Team:

Apex Legends is a team-based game, so know how to cooperate with your squadmates.

It means communicating, playing the role necessary for victory, and when and how to resurrect your squad.

Developing The Strategies:

Improving the strategies is critical to becoming a better Apex Legends player. It means considering the objectives, map layout, and opponent team composition to form effective plans for success.

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Apex Legend Abilities and Synergy


  • Strategic Ability (Into the Void): Relocates through the security of the void, dodging all injury.
  • Passive Ability (Voices from the Void): A voice that alerts you and your squad when a threat looms.
  • Ultimate Ability (Dimensional Rift): Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds so your crew can safely transport.

Synergy: Wraith’s powers make her an excellent asset and escape artist. Her ultimate is for a quick repositioning or creating escape routes for the crew.


  • Tactical Ability (D.O.C. Heal Drone): Deploys a healing drone to heal nearby teammates.
  • Passive Ability (Combat Medic): Revive knocked down teammates faster and use healing items 25% faster.
  • Ultimate Ability (Care Package): Calls in a drop pod with high-quality defensive gear.

Synergy: Lifeline is a dedicated support legend, ideal for keeping the team healed and well-equipped. Lifeline abilities are invaluable during and after firefights.

Advanced Movements

  1. Slide Jumping: Combine sliding and jumping to maintain momentum and navigate the battlefield quickly, making it harder for enemies to hit you.
  2. Ziplines and Balloons: By using ziplines and balloons for quick repositioning and surprising opponents.
  3. Crouch Strafing: To disorient opponents and avoid getting hit, try crouch strafing – a combination of crouching and strafing.
  4. Wall Jumping: Master jumping off walls to reach higher vantage points or evade enemy fire during close-quarters combat.
  5. Grappling Hooks: Legends like Pathfinder can use grappling hooks for mobility and creative strategies in the game.

Handling Late-game Situations

Positioning is Key:

  • High Ground Advantage: Use high ground to your advantage by spotting enemies and taking shots without being vulnerable.
  • Stay Near the Ring: Be aware of the circle’s movement and place yourself strategically near the next safe zone. Avoid getting caught in the closing ring, as it can be lethal, particularly in the late match.

Choose Your Fights Wisely:

  • Third-Party Opportunist: Be aware of ongoing fights and third-party. Attacking teams engaged in combat can catch them off guard, giving you an advantage.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Fights: Engaging in fights when unnecessary can draw attention to your squad. Evaluate the situation – if the risk outweighs the reward, consider disengaging.

Adapt Your Loadout:

  • Loadout Adjustments: Modify your loadout based on the situation. In the late game, you might need more long-range weapons for open areas or close-quarters arms for urban combat. Adapt to the terrain and circle location.

Utilize Legends’ Abilities:

  • Defensive Legends: Legends like Gibraltar or Wattson can provide excellent defensive support in late-game scenarios. Defensive abilities can be crucial when holding down a building or defending against an aggressive push.
  • Offensive Legends: Legends like Wraith or Bangalore can aid in initiating fights or exiting unfavorable scenarios. Use their abilities to create openings or disengage when necessary.

Manage Resources:

  • Healing Items: Ensure you have an ample supply of healing items. Recovering quickly and efficiently during a firefight can be the difference between victory and defeat.
  • Ammo and Grenades: Continuously run high on ammunition. Keep a good stock of ammo and grenades to sustain the team during extended engagements.

Revive and Respawn Smartly:

  • Reviving Teammates: If a team member is drowning, assess the situation before attempting a revive. Sometimes, it’s best to wait for a safe moment than risk both players.
  • Respawn Beacons: If a teammate is dead, plan your route to the nearest respawn beacon. Be cautious and check the area before initiating the respawn process.

Learn from Every Encounter:

  • Analytical Approach: After each round, especially in late-game situations, analyze what went right and wrong. Learn from the mistakes and adapt your strategies in subsequent matches.

Strategies for Ranked Play

In this section, we will go over some strategies that you can opt for when starting:

Master a Few Heroes/Champions/Characters:

Focus on becoming exceptionally skilled with a handful of heroes, champions, or characters. Knowing their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses can provide a significant advantage.

Map Knowledge:

Understand the maps. Know the key locations, objectives, and hidden spots. This knowledge can help you anticipate enemy movements and plan your strategies.

Team Composition:

Learn how to build a balanced team. In many games, having a mix of tanks, damage dealers, and support characters is essential. Adjust your pick based on your needs and the enemy squad’s composition.

Manage Your Emotions:

Ranked play might be stressful. Keep your calm, be positive, and be vigilant. Avoid tilting or getting frustrated after losses. A rational mind makes better decisions in the middle of the battle.

Review and Practice:

Players often review the strategies and practice them before going into the match. It can help identify any weak parts of the technique and knowledge and develop a higher level of mastery.

Additionally, reviewing with teammates or discussing strategies with other experienced players can be valuable for improving the game.


With that said in the content, it is good to work through the game with your strategies. A fresh perspective always brings in new change, and you might be the one to find a loophole through the game.

A new player always brings new ideas, while still holding on to the older strategies. It is a battle, so use every tool in your arsenal and maximize what you have. Keep playing Apex Legends!


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