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5 Ways to Spot Fake and Unlicensed Online Game

Online casinos have surged in popularity in recent years. But along with this demand comes the proliferation of unlicensed, rogue online casinos that mislead many players and bettors. Whenever you read online casino guides, you can observe that many recommend doing your research before signing up. If you fail to do this, you may sign up with a fraudulent and dangerous online casino and risk your personal. 

Indeed, there are numerous unlicensed casinos online. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any licensed and trustworthy online casinos you can sign up, play at, and withdraw your winnings. 

Check the License

Have you checked different sportsbooks and online casinos? You’ll observe that reputable online casinos and bookies will try to showcase their legally obtained licenses on their websites. This license entails that their operations are entirely legal and ensures fair gameplay for all gamblers. 

Some legitimate sportsbooks try to take significant steps and make their licenses highly visible. While others, despite valid, would hide it within their terms and conditions. As a consumer, you must find this license on their website. 

Know that these licenses are a prerequisite for a site to welcome legal and third-party audits like having the finances, games, and chances examined. These licenses are usually up-to-date and credible. 

Sadly, unlicensed casinos use fake or outdated licensing agreements. They may also not post a license entirely. When this happens, just stick with a live casino you trust, like FanDuel Online Casino. They showcase their license for all of its potential consumers can see. They’re known for being a reputable casino with fantastic casino games, winning opportunities, and up-to-date with all of the needed legal requirements. 

Bonuses Are That “Too Good To Be True”

You should know that there are licensed casinos that offer bonuses. However, when a casino offers massive bonuses where the terms and conditions are too good to be true – that means it’s easy to achieve- then you should be wary. 

Look out for those casinos that say they have a 500% sign-up bonus and ones without rollover. It might be enticing, but that’s the point of attracting unknowing consumers to their websites. You should know that there isn’t an online casino with a sound financial practice that would offer such an unrealistic amount of bonuses to bettors. If they do enact these, likely, they don’t intend to follow through with their promises. 

Haphazard Website Design

Reputable online casinos need to have a fast, functional, and professional UX and UI on their website. These enhance the overall experience of bettors while interacting with the casino games; it includes the interface, visuals, audio, gameplay mechanisms, and overall design. A reputable licensed casino should have this available whether you’re playing on a mobile device, laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. 

A second-rate website would have pages that aren’t responding or functioning. When this happens, quickly get out. This isn’t an online casino that you’d want to deposit your money into. You should know that legitimate casinos have enough budgets to improve their overall website design to look professional and operate smoothly. 

No One Answers the Calls or Emails

Whenever you want to communicate with the officials of an online casino, and they don’t respond to your emails for weeks or don’t answer your phone calls, you might be dealing with an online casino scam. Naturally, a legitimate online casino would have a credible and well-established customer service department. So, responding to you wouldn’t and should never take longer than a day (at most).

Checking a casino’s customer service response time is a great way to assess if the site is reliable, accountable, and legal. Whenever the customer service department doesn’t speak with you immediately, this just means that they don’t have your best interests at heart. 

Payouts Are Always Delayed, or Account Is Frequently Audited

If an online casino uses numerous excuses to avoid paying you your winnings from a game, you probably shouldn’t trust that site. You should be wary if you’re experiencing long delays with your withdrawals that take up to 30 days or more. They might use excuses like the account is being audited, but the chances are high that they just avoid paying you. Typically, in a licensed casino, they usually send your money for 24-48 hours at least. 

Final Thoughts

An online sportsbook is considered fraudulent and full of scams if the payouts are highly delayed (over 30 business days), there is a lack of proper customer service responses, your winning games aren’t credited, and many more. 

Staying with an unlicensed and illegal online casino can harm your deposits, winnings, personal data, and overall experience. If you want to stay safe on the Internet while playing games like Blackjack, Poker, Craps, Roulette, and many more, be sure to use the abovementioned ways to stay secure.


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