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Does the PS5 Slim Offer a Worthy Upgrade Over the Regular Model? – A Concise Comparison

Sony has finally caved in and done the inevitable, albeit faster than expected. The PS5 Slim is no longer a figment of our imagination as the new iteration is slated to make its way to stores just in time for the holidays. 

The main goal, as far as we can tell, is for the PS5 to cut down on its form factor and provide players with a chiseled, modular device that is a smidge smaller than the original. According to Sony, “the new PS5 has been reduced in volume by more than 30%, and weight by 18% and 24% compared to previous models.” For people who have already gone ahead and bought the regular PS5, these tiny details may not be much of a pull but for those waiting for the perfect moment to pounce upon a shiny new PS5, this may just be the golden hour.

However, there’s not much going on under the hood from the spec sheet shared by Sony but we’ll try our best to pick apart the handful of delicious details anyway. Come on along and let’s check out how the PS5 (Slim) can help offer a smoother (better?) alternative to the already existing model.

Juiced Up Storage

While the reduced form factor may have been cut down by a measly percentage, the storage capacity has certainly been beefed up handsomely. Both launch models, the digital slim edition as well as the regular slim edition, will be shipping out with a stock storage of 1 TB. Compared with the older models which ship with 825 GB right off the box, this is a vital upgrade. 

Modular Design

Sony is gradually introducing futuristic functions and looks to its consoles. They’ve had a knack for doing so in the past as well with their PSP devices. The flop concept of the PSP Go was a preemptive try to bring their unorthodox designs to gaming devices. While that concept didn’t live on much, we do think that Sony now has a much better chance with the PS5 Slim.

For the sake of modularity, we have now four separate cover panels covering the PS5’s innards. Sony has already indicated that the digital model can have its bottom panel removed and replaced with an Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive, effectively making it a regular PS5 slim. In that regard, there could be a possibility that Sony has a use for the remaining three panels as well, which could sport their own modular functions. Time will tell. 

New, Improved Accessories

Not many details have surfaced regarding what accessories will be entailing the release of the slim models. There may be a new controller bundled up with the Slim version, but maybe not. From what we do know, there is a slimmer, sleeker stand coming in hot with the new devices. Sadly, this will be a standard purchase of $29.99 for those of you who’d like to throw in the additional cash. 

The aforementioned Blu-Ray Disc Drive is also a stand-alone accessory offered for $79.99 and will not be something coming in bundled up with the PS5 itself. Sony is putting more effort into getting just their main devices out to markets and accessories, for the most part, will be in tow separately. 

Performance Upgrades

Speaking strictly on the changes Sony will be making, there will be no alterations to the current GPU or CPU present inside the PS5. There will, however, be two new USB-C ports introduced to the front of the PS5 Slim that will be able to cater to any external devices you’d like to hook up to the main body. This can be an external GPU, storage, or any other allowable accessory. 

Extra USB slots can even allow for gamers who’d like to compete in ranked matches with a different input such as an arcade stick. Games such as Tekken and Street Fighter welcome pro players to have a go at them with such accessories. 

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The PS5’s redesign can be a potential game changer. Even if Sony decides against introducing anything radical, the smaller upgrades could snowball into a big impact on the gaming community. Knowing Sony, they have a knack for pulling out surprises at the most unexpected of times. Whatever the case, the incoming PS5s will prove to be a substantial boost for those looking to upgrade from last gen consoles. 


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