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Where is R3 and L3 on PS5 Controller?

Where is R3 and L3 on PS5 controller featured

R3 and L3 buttons on a PS5 controller have always been quite elusive and for those who are completely new to gaming consoles, they can be very hard to find without some help.

Basically, R3 and L3 buttons are in fact shorthand for the ‘right stick’ and ‘left stick’ buttons. These are essentially the buttons that actuate when you PRESS DOWN the corresponding sticks on the controller.

Again for the unseasoned players, these two buttons can be difficult to identify, but they serve free online solitaire very important functions in plenty of games, particularly in complex games where you have a lot of control over the character.

In the following text, I will take a deeper look at the R3 and L3 buttons on the PS5 controller and talk about their use in gaming.

So Where is R3 and L3 on PS5 Controller?

If finding R3 and L3 buttons is confusing you, then don’t worry, you won’t be the first.

These two buttons have confused gamers since their inception in PS2 consoles. I won’t be wrong in saying that many of us may have cried as kids trying to find these two buttons.

After all, the internet wasn’t as robust or as information at the time as it is now (many of us didn’t even have a stable internet connection).

Where is R3 and L3 on PS5 Controller

But after playing a good session of hide and seek, you will in the end identify these two buttons and they are actually quite intuitively placed.

where is R3 and L3 on PS5 controller location
PS5 controller and location of R3 and L3 buttons

These two buttons are not explicitly labeled anywhere on the controller. But basically, R3 and L3 are short for ‘right stick’ and ‘left stick’ buttons.

These two analog sticks are PRESSABLE. As such, when you press the R3 or L3, the corresponding button gets actuated.

So pressing down on the right stick actuates R3 and the same for the left stick.

When pressing down on the analog sticks, you will actually hear a distinct clicking sound. The buttons are quite tactile and give you responsive feedback once they are pressed.

What is the Use of R3 and L3 Buttons on PS5 Gameplay?

The exact purpose of the R3 and L3 button varies from game to game. Some games may not have any kind of use for these buttons.

However, on others, where you have a multitude of functions and control over your character or its actions, then you will find these two buttons being extensively used.

Here are some of the very common functions of the R3 and L3 buttons:

Sprinting or Speed Controler

In many games, either of these buttons can be used for enabling the sprint button or changing the speed of the character.

Take for instance the Call of Duty games (Call of Duty: Vanguard as a specific example). To sprint in this game you have to press the L3 button.

Melee or Special Attacks

R3 and L3 are also used frequently for close-range melee attacks and also for enabling special abilities.

Take for instance in “Horizon: Zero Dawn” pressing R3 activates the special Focus ability.

Stealth and Crouching

Some games use the L3 or R3 buttons for crouching or entering stealth mode.

Camera Control

Both L3 and R3 can be used for camera control in certain games.

This can be particularly handy in adventure or exploration games where viewing your surroundings from different angles is crucial.

It can also be useful if you want to take a memorable snap of your in-game surroundings.

Additional Functionality and Menus

In some games, R3 and L3 can open menus, maps, skills slots, inventory, etc for quick access to additional functions of the games.

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Final Words

R3 and L3 may seem like insignificant aspects of your PS5 controller, but they are instrumental in certain games.

While at first glance, it may beg you to ask “where is R3 and L3 on PS5 controller?” Once you find them, you will realize they are quite intuitively placed.

Accessing them or triggering them isn’t a hassle due to their convenient location.

Like any tool, the effectiveness of the DualSense controller of PS5 depends on the knowledge and proficiency of the user.

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